Africa Trade & Investment Group (ATIG)

Africa Trade & Investment Group (ATIG) is an international consulting company that offers services that enable businesses in Africa address trade and investment challenges while taking advantage of the ever-increasing opportunities in three main areas, namely: Market research & intelligence, Strategy development and matchmaking services.

The Constitution of Kenya creates 47 county governments.The new structure presents an excellent opportunity for investors and businesses to choose the counties that offer suitable business environments for the intended products and services. In contrast with the old system, investors and businesses can now enter into direct negotiations with the county government and sign agreements at the same time. The ATIG Limited will assist you in creating contacts and establishing business relations with investors and businesses, and we are keen to walk with you through the opportunities the counties in Kenya present.

Our Strengths and core competencies include;
• Knowledge and experience in the African market.
• Valuable contacts with various government departments in charge of trade and investment matters.
• Strategic partnership with companies from Eastern Europe (Ukraine) which both have extensive experience and expertise in various projects and services.